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Analog Octaver - Synth - Envelope Filter

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1. Clean Sub Octaver
2. Precision low frequency tracking
3. Wide frequency range of the envelope filter
4. 7 sounds combinations available



In the "Buy Now" form, select OCTAVARIUM-SW if you want to purchase the set with the external channel switch.

Compactness, versatility and reliability are the characteristics that distinguish the Octavarium. Analog octaver with a soft and round sound characterized by a precise and fast tracking that allows you to play even long notes without cuts or oscillations. All this combined with the clean and synth controls allows you to create a great variety of sounds. The controls, being independent, offer the possibility of being mixed to obtain a personalized sound also in relation to the type of instrument used. The same thing goes for the envelope filter part, which used in conjunction with the octaver allows you to have a real analog synth bass. (Which is usually achieved with 3 or 4 pedals). The envelope filter can also be configured for stand-alone use thanks to the wide range of frequency and sensitivity controls (Freq and Touch). The current version of enevelope filter has also been optimized for passive bass with medium and low-medium output.

In this way, with active or passive instrument, you can reach a great result by adjusting “Touch” control according with input signal and strength of the picking.

OCTAVARIUM-SW and Channel Switch

Octavarium-SW is a special model with 5-pins connector on the rear panel. This model can be used standalone like standard version or with Channel Switch.

Connecting the external switch to the pedal allows you to enable/disable Clean, Sub Oct and Synth channels with the footswitches.
In addition to adjusting the level of each individual channel, it is also possible to switch them immediately, thus taking advantage of all the available combinations.

Octaver/Synth Side (Controls)

3 Independent Controls + Master Volume

Clean: Clean Level (-∞/ +6Db)

Sub Oct: Sub Octave Level(-∞/ +6Db)

Synth: Synth Level (-∞/ +6Db)

Vol 1: Master Volume


Envelope Side (Controls)

Touch: Adjusts the opening threshold of the filter. (you need to adjust according to the strength of the picking)

Freq. : Adjusts the frequency range of the filter

Wah: Envelope Level(only effect)

Vol 2: Master Volume


Rear Panel Connections

Input: Jack (Mono)

Output: Jack (Mono)

DC Adaptor: Jack (9V DC)


Power Supply: 9v DC

Current Flow: 60mA

Switch: Buffer bypass

Enclosure: Stainless steel 304

Weight: 750gr

Wood Sides: Okoumè black

Size: 170x110x42mm

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