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Octa Tone

Analog Octaver - Synth

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1. Clean Sub Octaver
2. Precision Low frequency tracking
3. Mixable Synth channel
4. Two effects in one box


Compactness and versatility are the strengths of the Octa Tone. Analog octaver with a soft and round sound characterized by a precise and fast tracking(also with low fequencies) that allows you to play even long notes without cuts or oscillations. All this combined with the clean and synth controls allows you to create a great variety of sounds. The controls, being independent, offer the possibility of being mixed to obtain a personalized sound also in relation to the type of instrument used.

As you can see The Octa Tone is the younger brother of Octavarium pedal with the same controls as the left side of the big brother.

You can see other videos in the octavarium page:

Characterized by low energy consumption and wide input dynamics it can be used with passive and active basses.


3 Independent controls + Master volume

Clean: Clean Level (-∞/ +6Db)

Sub Oct: Sub Octave Level(-∞/ +6Db)

Synth: Synth Level (-∞/ +6Db)

Vol: Master Volume


Rear Panel Connections

Input: Jack (Mono)

Output: Jack (Mono)

DC Adaptor: Jack (9V DC)


Power Supply: 9v DC

Current Flow: 30mA

Switch: Buffer bypass

Enclosure: Stainless steel 304

Weight: 400gr

Wood Sides: Okoumè black

Size: 110x110x42mm

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