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Black Wall

Bass Overdrive - Preamp - Equalizer

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1 - Big sound and harmonic OD
2 - Bass Contour setting
3 - Dynamic and clean preamp EQ
4 - Three effects in one box



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The captivating design and the particular configuration make this device unique of its kind. Preamplifier, equalizer and overdrive, configurable for single or coupled use, all in a single pedal. Overdrive characterized by a modern sound, rich in harmonics and with a fast attack. To the classic overdrive controls is added the “Bass Contour” which allows a fine adjustment of the low frequency response of the effect. Absolute novelty that makes the pedal suitable for any type of set-up.
The fine tuning of the low frequencies is not an equalizer but a filter built from the same signal of the instrument and mixed with the distorted signal. The result is a perfectly blended sound with an adjustable 6dB low frequency excursion. The preamplifier stage consists of a 3-band cut / boost equalizer and a master volume.The intervention frequencies are shown in the technical description and can be customized by the user during the purchase phase. The combination of the two parts of the pedal allows you to work on the nuances of the sound and optimize the use in different musical genres.

Overdrive Side (Controls)

Drive: Linear gain control up to high gain OD

Tone: Passive tone filter

Bass Contour: Low frequency enhancer (-6dB to +6dB)

Vol OD: Master Volume


Preamp Eq Side (Controls)

Bass: 80Hz cut/boost (-12dB / 0 / +12dB)

Mid: 550Hz cut/boost (-12dB / 0 / +12dB)

Treble: 5.5kHz cut/boost (-14dB / 0 / +14dB)

Vol Pre: Master Volume


Rear Panel Connections

Input: Jack (Mono)

Output: Jack (Mono)

DC Adaptor: Jack (9V DC)


Power Supply: 9v DC

Current Flow: 20mA

Switch: Buffer bypass

Enclosure: Stainless steel 304

Weight: 700gr

Wood Sides: Okoumè black

Size: 170x110x42mm

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