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Bass Overdrive - Optical Compressor

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1. Warm and defined sound
2. Vintage rock overdrive
3. Wide range of tone
4. Bass Contour setting
5. Clean Dynamic Compressor
6. Input signal up to 2V RMS
7. Graphic threshold indicator


OD side

Basically has the imprinting of a vintage overdrive and is therefore suitable for rock and blues, but the wide range of tone allows you to have more aggressive sounds that are also suitable for alternative genres.

To the classic overdrive controls is added the “Bass Contour” which allows a fine adjustment of the low frequency response of the effect. Absolute novelty that makes the pedal suitable for any type of set-up.
The fine tuning of the low frequencies is not an equalizer but a filter built from the original signal of your instrument and mixed with the distorted signal. The result is a perfectly blended sound with an adjustable 6dB low frequency excursion.

Compressor side

Dynamic optical compressor with wide input signal range, making it suitable for receiving a large variety of signals up to 2V RMS. Feature that gives the device a highly linear behavior for most of the input signals. With the controls it has on board it is also recommended to use it in the studio. The preamp stage does not introduce variations to the output signal, which maintains the same characteristics as the original signal. The internal buffer improves impedance matching for optimal use with other devices such as effects or amplifiers. Graphic indicator of the standard compression threshold.

OD side controls

Gain: Linear gain control up to medium gain OD

Tone: Low pass filter

Volume: Master volume (-∞/ +6Db)

Bass Contour: Low frequency enhancer (-6dB /0dB /+6dB)


Compressor side controls

Ratio: Ratio from 2:1 to 6:1

Threshold: Threshold – 18dBu / + 10dBu)

Attack: Attack from 1ms to 100ms

Volume: Master Volume


Rear Panel Connections

Input: Jack (Mono)

Output: Jack (Mono)

DC Adaptor: Jack (9V DC)


Power Supply: 9v DC

Current Flow: 30mA

Switch: Buffer bypass

Enclosure: Stainless steel 304

Weight: 700gr

Wood Sides: Okoumè black

Size: 170x110x42mm



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