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Risen Head

High Gain OD

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1. High Gain OD
2. Low frequency fast attack
3. Big and harmonic sound
4. Amp style Bass EQ


The Risen Head is a high gain overdrive suitable for hard rock rhythms and solos.
The wide range of the gain allows, however, to obtain lighter distortions always in line with the rock footprint of the pedal.
It can be used alone or with another ovedrive behind to further increase saturation.
The novelty of this device is the amp-style low frequency control that allows you to have a precise and non-invasive equalization on the low frequencies (Bassman or JCM800 style)


Gain: Overdrive stage linear gain

Tone: Passive tone filter

Bass: Amp style Bass EQ

Volume: Master volume


Rear Panel Connections

Input: Jack (Mono)

Output: Jack (Mono)

DC Adaptor: Jack (9V DC)


Power Supply: 9v DC

Current Flow: 25mA

Switch: Buffer bypass

Enclosure: Stainless steel 304

Size: 110x110x42mm


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