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Handcrafted Made in Italy

FK-3 OnBoard Preamp (Black)

Preamp - Equalizer

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1. 3-Way Preamp Equalizer
2. Input signal up to 1.5V RMS
3. Warm sound
4. Respects tone of bass guitar


Small but powerful, the preamp / equalizer can be a solution for professionals and non-professionals who want to upgrade their instrument either by changing the old preamp or by making a passive instrument active.

Excellent solution also for electric bass manufacturers to make original a new instrument with a 100% made in Italy custom product that enhances its characteristics.
The strength of the FK-3 preamp is in the peculiarity of faithfully reproducing the sound of the pickups and and respecting the characteristics of the instrument.

The 3-band equalizer is cut / boost type with sensitivity between 12 and 14 dB. This allows you to create some different sounds according to genre and tastes but it is also very useful for solving acoustics problems especially in closed spaces.

The available models allow you to have different frequency cuts and it is possible to make a custom product by request.


Bass: 70 Hz (-12 dB / 0 dB / +12 dB)

Mid: 550 Hz (-12 dB / 0 dB / +12 dB)

Treble: 5.5 kHz (-14 dB / 0 dB / +14 dB)

Volume (Internal Trimmer): from -inf to +8 dB

Current Flow: 1mA (battery life about 700 hrs)

Box Size: 45.65 x 31.35 mm


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